Sottsass Showers

Ettore Sottsass’s ceramics are sexy, glossy and bulging with curves. So are the men in Physique Pictorial. I’m very fond of the unique hunk-in-a-shower photographs. Where is the shower curtain? What temperature is the water? Is it even safe to have an expensive camera and lighting close to splashing water? Sottsass’s ceramics inspire other questions. Is that red legal? Is that bump a plump breast or the head of an erect penis?

This book is a mash-up of my two infatuations. With contributions from clever designers, artists and other afficionados: Sasa Antic, Jason O’Malley, Billy Miller, Peter Ross and Benjamin Tischer.

Offset, matte paper and vellum
Perfect Binding, 8.5 x 11", 78 p.
Edition of 100